Hi all!

This page is dedicated specifically to you and FOR you. You wonderful people are an amazing support, and I wanted you to have a place to submit photos, meet, chat, get involved with the site and be able to contact both the webmaster and myself. I will post new updates here and will keep it more personal than official. So... I hope you are enjoying the new layout of my website. And I certainly hope you will continue to be a part of and all the shows, concerts and events that pop up in the future.
As always, I am so grateful to you guys and wish you much joy.

Fan Mail & Autographs
If you would like to write Stephanie or request an autographed picture, send your letters and requests to: 

Viking Entertainment
Stephanie J. Block
445 West 23rd St.. Suite 1A
New York, NY 10011

Due to the overwhelming amount of requests, please give your mail and requests adequate time to reach Stephanie. All requests must be accompanied by a self-addressed stamped envelope ($1.00 in US postage) large enough to accommodate a 5x7 photo. Also, once a picture is protected with cardboard and "Please do not bend" is written on the envelope, it becomes a parcel. Please make sure you have the correct postage for a parcel, not just a letter. Meter strips do not work since this payment only applies for a 24 hour period. Please have proper and sufficient postage.

For international mailing, the US Postal Service no longer accepts international certificates of payment. You will need to obtain US postage.

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Charitable Giving

Stephanie is proud to support the following charities:

"Block has that [powerful] stature every second she's onstage... She conveys her feeling with depth."

- Variety

"Her voice rings out to the rafters when required, but she has a [more] legit sound which yields extra dividends in musical and lyrical clarity."

- Toronto Sun Times

"Stephanie J. Block has pipes to spare and a gift for comic shorthand."

- Los AngelesTimes

"Block is simply stunning."

- Washington Post

"Stephanie J. Block is a legitimate star."

- New York Daily News


- The Hollywood Reporter

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