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‘Falsettos,’ a Perfect Musical, an Imperfect Family

There’s hardly a moment in the exhilarating, devastating revival of the musical “Falsettos” that doesn’t approach, or even achieve, perfection. This singular show, about an unorthodox family grappling with the complexities of, well, just being a family — unorthodox or otherwise — has been restored to life, some 25 years after it was first produced, with such vitality that it feels as fresh and startling as it did back in 1992.

“Falsettos” — which began life as two one-acts, “March of the Falsettos” and “Falsettoland” — is a hard show to stop, so antic and frantic are the characters as they ricochet through their complicated lives. But Ms. Block, better here than ever, just about does it in “I’m Breaking Down,” a raging aria of angst that becomes a virtual nervous collapse in song, and a deliriously funny-sad high point. Read more

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