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Tony Awards nominee Stephanie J. Block on her ‘crazy scary’ showstopper in ‘Falsettos’

During our recent chat with Stephanie J. Block, the talented actress gave us a window into the creative process behind her Tony nominated performance as Trina in “Falsettos.” The limited run of this William Finn musical ended months ago, but lives on in the minds of audiences (and Tony nominators) thanks to the stellar cast. Listen to our exclusive interview above.

When discussing her “crazy scary” Act 1 showstopper ‘I’m Breaking Down,’ Block reveals that she expected her use of varied props (ranging from a butcher knife to a mouthful of banana) to be abandoned in the rehearsal room. “I kind of throw the kitchen sink at everything” she admits. Apparently director James Lapine was on board with Block’s wild and comical interpretation, because the props made it on stage for the memorable number.

She reveals that she still stays in touch with her “Falsettos” cast-mates. “We found our way as a family” during a speedy rehearsal period. Block is actually one of four performers nominated from “Falsettos” (the others beings Christian Borle, Brandon Uranowitz, and Andrew Rannells). This close knit group has dinners, slumber parties, constant texting. When Tony nominations rolled around, Block says “we prayed that what we did was potent enough that it made an impression.” Clearly the Tony nominators thought so, and this Featured Actress in a Musical nominee is “sucking in every second” of Tony season.

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