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Stephanie J. Block Is "Breaking Down" Her Experience in Falsettos

Theater geeks were atwitter when casting was first announced for the 2016 Broadway revival of William Finn and James Lapine's Falsettos. The company turned out to be a theater fan's dreamcast come to life. Christian Borle leads the company as Marvin, who leaves his wife, played by Stephanie J. Block, for a man, played by Andrew Rannells.

Block, a Tony nominee known for her skills as one of Broadway's great belters, was entrusted with the role of Trina and two huge show-stopping songs: the crazed "I'm Breaking Down," and the emotional "Trina's Song." For Block, the relevance of Falsettos, a show initially performed on Broadway as the AIDS crisis was in full swing, will never dim. Especially, she says, in light of all that has happened in 2016. Read More

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